Dániel Kézdy, founder of Aszú Prime


The wine enthusiast

The founder of Aszú Prime, Dániel Kézdy, studied at the College of Catering and Hotel Management, then, during his years spent in the catering industry, he realised that it was the world of wines that really interested him. He completed various gastronomy and sommelier courses, including, among other things, the London WSET advanced course.

To be able to share his passion with others, he held a lot of wine tasting events, then created Vinoport, the first portal in Hungary, which dealt with wines seriously.

Through his continuous curiosity and maximalism, he kept visiting the most important tasting events and wineries year after year, as he still does. Almost everybody knows him and he knows almost everybody in the Hungarian world of wines.

Tokaj is his heart’s desire and speciality.

After his countless different wine projects, he decided to raise the varieties of Tokaj, Furmint and Hárslevelű, to their well-deserved place by working from the bottom up: he launched the event series Furmint February and the Night of the Hárslevelűs.

In 2016 he had 1 February registered as the official international Furmint Day. He wrote a book Tokaj: people and vineyards on the wine growing region, for which he received the Pro Districtu Tokaiensis Award from the Tokaj Foundation in 2016.

His greatest passion is the aszú wine.

His goal is to make all real wide enthusiasts familiar with this speciality.

In 2017 he had 10 December registered as the official international Aszú Day. His greatest desire is that in a few years people open a bottle of special aszú wine in various points of the world on this day.