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Aszú wines of exceptionally quality are rare and are available in small quantities, therefore, they are considered a real treasure.

In quest of the best vintages

The style of Tokaji Aszú is mostly determined by its vintage. Therefore, if you would like to become familiar with the various aszú styles, it is most worth comparing lots of the same vintage.


In quest of the masters of time

Experience, knowledge and instinctive sense. Can one catch the most appropriate moment when the aszú berries have been part of the bunches just for the right time and are just sufficiently ripe to be harvested? Besides vintage, the style and quality of an exceptional aszú wine mostly depends on the masters of timing, oenologists.



In our first selection, we present the most outstanding lots from 2013, the best vintage of Tokaj Aszú in the past years.

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We always select the lots that are in the best tasting age possible and have a markedly identifiable style to allow you, by tasting all of them, to find the aszú style closest to you.

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