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The world of Tokaj and the aszú wine


A unique, mystical wine region

Tokaj has such exceptional conditions that the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site in 2002. It is highly diverse: in its relatively small area (roughly 3,500 ha), there are many different wineries looking for their unique styles, but really premium sweet wines can be made year after year only and exclusively by the most extraordinary wineries.

The temperature is even and relatively low in the wine region throughout the year, the annual precipitation is just the right amount, and the autumn months are dry and sunny in an ideal case.



The secret of the aszú

A rare mould, Botritis cinerea, causes destructive infections in other regions and vine-growers use their best efforts to fight it. However, in this microclimate, the same fungus works wonders: aszú berries.


It is associated with legends and misconceptions, and has been made with an unchanged basic method since the 16th century: a good aszú wine requires not only a lot of work and experience and an ideal climate, but also a lucky constellation of stars and an ideal development of all natural circumstances. Because aszú berries do not develop every year.


Each aszú berry may be removed from the bunches only by hand and only in the most appropriate state of ripeness. Therefore, the same grapevine rows have to be meticulously harvested up to four or five times every year. Any new amount of aszú grapes may be selected after several weeks.


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The most valuable extract is pressed from the grapes by the aszú berries’ own weight. In the most outstanding aszú wines, this is later retuned into the base aszú wine.

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The Wine of Kings and the King of Wines: the Tokaji Aszú

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It is not only a simple dessert wine, much rather a stand-alone dish, the wine of celebrations.

Its consumption must be under the proper circumstances. It is no wonder that it became the favourite of monarchs, popes and artists throughout history, such as Louis XV of France, Frederick II of Prussia, Catherine I of Russia, Peter I of Russia, Franz Joseph I of Austria and Hungary, Pope Pius IV, Mozart, Schubert, Rossini, Goethe, Beethoven or Liszt.


Discover the world of Tokaji Aszú wines!

Taste your way through the different wine specialities and find your favourite aszú style.

In our first limited selection, the Pyrite Collection, we present six outstanding lots from 2013, the best vintage of Tokaj Aszú in the past years.

We always select the lots that are in the best tasting age possible and have a markedly identifiable style into our individual packages. The wine of the Dorogi Brothers’ Winery is an ideal first encounter with the Tokaj Aszú wine.


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